Can I check my eye pressure at home?

Laura C. Fine, MD
One home device, called the Proview Eye Pressure Monitor, measures pressure through the eyelid on the basis of phosphene -- a sensation of light produced in the eye by something other than light. To see a phosphene, close your eye and gently press your finger on your eyelid where it meets the nose. The phosphene appears as a bright central area surrounded by a dark ring with an outer bright halo. The eye pressure monitor works by gently applying pressure with a pencil-like probe on the eyelid until the patient sees the phosphene ring. The device then converts the input to a pressure measurement.

Further studies are under way to evaluate the device's accuracy. There are also several online tools to check your peripheral vision, but experts typically don't recommend these tests because the results haven't been fully validated and could therefore lead to unnecessary concern (or worse, misguided complacency). If you choose to use the device or an online test, it is important to see an ophthalmologist to discuss its use.

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