How can I tell if my eyes are swollen from allergies or an infection?

I would recommend you see a physician to evaluate and examine to make that decision. It is very important that the distinction be made correctly and treated appropriately.
If itching is a big part of your symptoms then allergy is a more likely possibility.  If you have associated upper respiratory allergies such as stuffy nose etc. that may also be more likely to be an allergy.  Swollen glands, sore throat and fevers suggest a possible infection and you should see an EyeMD.  However, sometimes it is very difficult even for the EyeMD to tell if a pink eye is allergic or infectious.  The good news is that most cases of conjunctivitis (pink eye) get better without treatment.  If you have no visual loss or pain then you might try a day or two of over the counter allergy drops; there are many brands.  If your symptoms do not improve or you develop pain or visual loss then you should see an EyeMD as soon as possible.  Lastly, if you are a contact lens wearer it would be best for you to immediately remove the contact lenses and see an EyeMD.  In this special case I would want to be sure you do not have an infection in your cornea which can be serious.

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