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What are the best types of exercise to lose weight?

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  • The type of exercise you do to lose weight doesn’t matter as much as you might think, as long as you're active. In one study, to test the effectiveness of different types of physical activity, researchers put 96 obese adults on a 22-week calorie-restricted diet and randomly assigned them to one of three exercise routines. One group did only endurance exercise, such as running; the second group was limited to biceps curls, bench presses and other strength-training exercises; and the third did a combination, which could include the treadmill, cycling, rowing machine and bench press.

    All three groups exercised for the same amount of time at the same level of intensity and all experienced positive results, including significant reductions in body weight, body mass index, waist circumference and total fat mass. Each group also had a significant increase in lean body mass, according to the research.

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    What are the best types of exercise to lose weight?
    Using your body as your "gym" is best for losing weight, since you don't need any special equipment. In this video, fitness expert Joel Harper describes some exercises that use multiple muscles at the same time for an effective, thorough workout.
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    All activity counts when it comes to losing weight. Any time you move your body, you are burning calories. Do what you enjoy.

    Now, if you've been doing aerobic work for several months and have built some tolerance for it, and if your doctor has no issues with you working out vigorously, then you might try a HIIT protocol for your cardio work. HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training and boy, it's a humdinger when done correctly. It burns great calories.

    Resistance training is also a great. Muscles are your friend. Go pump some iron with the big boys.

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  • Many people look for the best exercises, the best foods or best rountine to lose weight.  However there is no "Best" of anything to help you lose weight better or quicker.  The best way to lose weight is to make sure your in a deficit each day.  Now how big your deficit is will determine how much weight you will lose each week.  For example if you want to lose 1 pound per week then your goal is to have a 500 calorie deficit per day.  So it is not what exercises that will work the best but how hard you do the exercises for you workout plan.  Remember to track how many calories you are taking in and also track how many you are burning to see if you are on the right track. 
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  • The best types of exercise to lose weight are ones that burn calories, help speed your metabolism, and equally important, ones that you enjoy. There are many activities that burn calories. Anything that elevates your heart rate (from shoveling snow to playing soccer) can be considered cardiovascular in nature. Weight loss is all about burning calories, and the longer and more intensely you exercise, the more calories you'll burn.

    Exercise also has the ability to speed up your metabolism, in particular, resistance training. Strength training helps build lean muscle, and lean muscle has a higher metabolic rate than body fat. Adding even a little new muscle means that your body will burn more calories everyday than it did without it. The form of resistance you choose is up to you. Free weights, exercise bands, machines, and even your own body weight are excellent choices. Combining resistance training with cardiovascular exercise may be the quickest way of reaching your weight loss goals.

    It's also important to find activities that you enjoy. Weight loss does not happen overnight, and to be able to stick to a workout program, it's nice to actually look forward to exercising.

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    It seems that the right combo of physical activity may have the power to make you eat less. The magic formula involves both cardio and strength training. Doing just one or the other doesn't really curb your calorie intake as much, if at all.

    When men in one small study combined aerobic exercise with weight training for 16 weeks, they ate significantly fewer calories compared with the men who did either aerobics or weight training alone or who did no exercise at all. The researchers suspect that the combo of cardio and strength exercises had the most favorable effect on blood levels of fats, glucose, amino acids and satiety hormones -- producing a powerful combination of hunger-controlling physiological changes. 

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