How can I stay fit after getting married?

I have been married for a long time and I have to say that making fitness a part of your marriage is one of the many great things that you can do together. Fitness of course is good for both of you and should be enjoyed together. My wife and I do cardio together while watching TV shows that we like, I train her, so we lift weights together sometimes take hikes together and even though everyone is busy taking a little bit of time every week and working out together is great. She also knows the foods I like and keeps me in all the salads I can eat. We of course don't do every workout together and sometimes have weeks where all of our workouts are solo but the times we can work out together is great and I encourage every couple to train together as much as possible.

Dr. Robin Miller, MD
Internal Medicine
Studies have shown that married people don't exercise as much as single or divorced people.

Watch the video to learn from Dr. Robin Miller what you can do to stay fit after getting married.

Marriage is an excuse to improve your fitness. Marriage requires common goals to ensure long term success. What better goal is there than to stay healthy together? Will be a great example for the children that come in to the equation.

Marriage is a fantastic journey that life offers. Staying fit should be a lifestyle choice the two of you take together. There is pleanty of time to do individual things in marriage, but if you have a way to make this a special occasion for the two of you it will benefit you both physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Find an activity your spouse and you enjoy. It could be a sport in a co-ed league like softball or basketball. Or an individual sport played in a group such as golf, frisbee golf or bowling. Personalize it, if your spouse enjoys fishing, you might like to suggest float tubing or kayaking while fishing to increase the intensity of the activity. Maybe you enjoy cycling and your spouse hiking; Mountain biking may be the answer to both. What about someone who enjoys the indoors; the two of you could set up a gym at home and spend time doing yoga with a video. When both of you are unmotivated, get a trainer who makes it interesting for the two of you to train at the same time. Make it the trainers responsibility to get you guys moving creatively and enjoying each others company. When the trainer leaves you can "bag" on them for working you out hard, that is until the next workout. The point is to stay fit together doing something you can agree on.  It is about relationships and being responsible to each other and your caliber of life. If your spending quality time working out it's beneficial to you both as you grow and share aspects of your life with someone you trust.  Your spouse is your best motivator and vise versa.  The challenge to love each other and participate in an activity that will carry you into old age is priceless.  Start by setting goals. Write them down, keep records of your fitness levels, set a schedule, and celebrate the progress and improvements together. Check off how much stronger you have become or the endurance you've gained and/or how flexible you've become.  Your spouse will be your confidant when you need understanding or encouragement to carry on.  Give to each other positive words and enjoy how well they recipricate back to you. As for the rewards try celebrating your accomplishments by sharing a desert. Or even better go have a couples massage.  Having the support of your spouse in your fitness efforts will positively enrich your life and it is a great way to enhance your fitness program.




Staying fit after marriage is challenging. We all get caught up in the busy-ness of our daily routines, but if you can create good habits early in your marriage, strengthening your bodies might even help strengthen your relationship.

Schedule time to workout together. We schedule meetings, appointments, even time with friends, but we sometimes neglect to schedule time for our spouses and time for fitness. Make a workout date with your spouse - write it in your planner - and don't break your appointment! You wouldn't cancel your meeting because you didn't feel like going, or because you and a co-worker weren't getting along, would you? So don't cancel a workout with your partner just because you aren't feeling up to it, or if you aren't getting along. Exercise may be exactly what you both need to get back on good terms with each other.

Get creative! Staying fit doesn't have to be limited to going to a gym. Although, a gym offers many excellent ways to be fit, some newlyweds may not find a gym membership fits their budget. Going for walks, bike rides, hikes or runs together is a perfect way to get the heart and the conversation flowing. Don't rule out home workout videos, or using equipment like stability balls and dumbbells. Find out what the two of you enjoy doing and then do it!

Set a goal. My husband and I enjoy signing up for local races; he likes to run long distances and I like to do triathlons. Even though we don't train together for these specific events, it's really fun to support each other by making posters or cheering at the finish line. Signing up for races is also a great way to set a goal and train for it. Having a specific goal helps keep you accountable and on track.

Plan your meals together and take time to cook for each other. Everything works better with a plan, it works even better if you plan together. Planning your meals together is a great way to talk about eating healthy. Talk about your food weaknesses and healthy alternatives to what you usually crave. Plan your desserts! Have a romantic dessert date night once or twice a month when you indulge in your favorite decadence, and then indulge in creative way to burn of those extra calories.

Support each other. Support each other by taking turns watching the kiddos during workouts, or cooking healthy meals for each other. Remember, you're on the same team!


Often people will gain weight after the "Big Day". To avoid the weight gain, make sure you and your spouse are active and eat healthy. If you are in shape already just continue your healthy lifestyle. Plan training sessions together, do your grocery shopping together, read labels, and plan your meals (two heads are better then one). Just because you are married now it doesn't have to mean that you have to gain weight.

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