Should I do total-body exercises to help weight loss?

Weight loss can only occur if there are more calories being burned than being consumed. Total-body exercise programs performed in a circuit fashion (one right after the other with minimal rest periods) have been shown to burn more calories than training body parts in isolation. Total-body programs generally use multiple, large-muscle groups such as the legs and upper body at the same time. When the central nervous system is forced to use all of these muscles simultaneously, the exercise becomes more demanding and requires more energy. An example of a total-body exercise is a squat or lunge with a shoulder press. A lunge position requires a staggered stance which incorporates more stability than isolated leg exercises. In addition, pressing a weight overhead also requires many of the trunk stabilizing muscles to be activated. When combining the motions, there is a lot of stability needed which will increase the caloric burn exponentially and can lead to better weight loss results if accompanied by a proper nutrition program.

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