If I am 250 pounds with 35% body fat, should I focus on losing weight?

In terms of maintaining health, your main focus should be decreasing your overall body fat. Although the scale serves as an easy method of tracking weight, it does not differentiate between body fat and lean body mass. The true indicator of health would be how much body fat you are carrying around. In your case, you have 163 pounds of muscle, bone, and organs (lean body mass) and 87 pounds of fat. For a male, acceptable body fat percentages is between 21% and 24%. Over 25% is considered clinically obese. You should first set a goal of getting to the healthy range of 24%. To determine how many pounds you would have to lose to drop your percentage to 24%, you will have to complete some simple calculations. First, take your lean body mass (163 pounds) and divide it by 0.76. (The 0.76 is derived from the fact that with 24% body fat your lean body mass will comprise 76% or ).76 of your overall body weight. You can change the percent/decimal according to your fat percentage goals.) This will give you your overall weight with 24% body fat. In this case, your weight would be about 215 pounds. By subtracting your original weight to your target weight, you can find your weight loss goal. For this situation you would look to move from 250 pounds to 215 pounds, which would require losing 35 pounds.

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