How many calories can I burn doing outdoor activities during the fall?

The amounts of calories you burn all depend on your intensity levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re inside, or outside; or, what time of year it is. If you ride a bike at a leisurely pace, and weigh 200lbs, you’ll burn roughly 360 calories per hour. If you go walk at about 2mph, then you’ll burn approximately 255 calories per hour. The heavier you are, the more calories you’ll burn, especially with weight bearing activity.
Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
While exact calories burned during traditional autumn activities is a personal calculation, the internet can provide an estimate (in this case, for an adult between 145 and 160 pounds). Try entering these activities into a personalized app for a more accurate calorie count:
  • Football is my favorite part of this season. Although I am mostly seated for at least two games per week, I am also clapping, yelling, and sometimes jumping. To burn more calories, playing touch football can burn approximately 574 calories per hour.
  • Raking can be a fun or dreaded activity in the fall, but if you concentrate on the calories you're burning, it may not seem so bad. You can burn approximately 290 calories in an hour of raking, but if you run and jump into the pile and rake it back up, you will burn even more. Play can be good for you physically and emotionally!
  • Another way to enjoy the colors of the changing leaves is to take a hike, which burns approximately 400 calories per hour.
  • It is estimated that camping can burn 165 calories per hour. Camping includes intense activities like putting up a tent, as well as less rigorous activities like sitting around the campfire.
  • Visiting pumpkin patches and apple orchards is the perfect autumn day activity. An hour of picking apples can burn approximately 200 calories. Plus, think of all the healthy snacks you have to take home with you!
  • As long as you're not eating the Halloween candy, trick or treating is estimated to burn 250 calories per hour.
  • In Indiana, we have the Hilly Hundred every year -- a two day bike ride through the hills of Brown County for a total of 100 miles. Just an hour of biking 14-16 miles per hour can burn approximately 696 calories per hour. I've ridden some of those hills, and I am sure they burn more!

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