How many calories do I burn playing golf?

Great question. When we evaluate your kinematics sequence (golf swing) we use a high-speed camera. To measure how many calories you are burning we need a similar device attached to your skin that captures caloric expenditure. A device like the Exerspy can track your caloric expenditure by the minute.

For now if you have a heart monitor that averages your heart rate over the duration of your playing time. You can plug that number into the following caloric formula for men and woman.

For men: Calories = [(Average Heart Rate x 0.6309) + (Age x 0.2017) – (Weight x 0.09036) – 55.0969] x (Playing Time) / 4.184.

For women: Calories = [(Average Heart Rate x 0.4472) + (Age x 0.074) – (Weight x 0.05741) – 20.4022] x (Playing Time) / 4.184.

If you don’t have this type of heart rate monitor, the Mayo Clinic estimates a 1-hour duration of playing and carrying your own clubs burns 329 pounds for a person weighing 160 pounds, 410 for a person weighing 200 pounds and 491 for a person weighing 240 pounds.

DISCLAIMER The above formulas were derived from an article on subject by Allan Robinson. The article references the Journal of Sports Sciences as its source for the formulas. Consult your physician or qualified medical practitioner before starting a weight loss and/or exercise program.
On average, a 150 pound person will burn approximately 306 calories per hour playing golf.
If you forget the cart and carry your clubs, you will burn 413 calories per hour.

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