What are the possible benefits of endurance training?

Endurance training exercises your most important muscle -- your heart. This enables you to better deliver oxygen to your hard-working muscles. As a bonus, you burn a steady stream of calories, which can lead to weight loss.

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How long should I run to increase my cardiovascular endurance?
Larry Husted Larry Husted
It depends on how long you need endurance for. The length of running time and/or distance would diff...
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Is there a way that I can do resistance training to increase my cardio?
Phil Holbrook , NASM Elite TrainerPhil Holbrook , NASM Elite Trainer
The best way to incorporate and increase cardio strength during resistant training is utilize a hear...
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Will sprinting increase my cardiovascular endurance?
Anka Ivanisevic, NASM Elite TrainerAnka Ivanisevic, NASM Elite Trainer
Yes. Although, you will need to develop a cardio base first with low intensity cardio training. Once...
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How do I build up endurance?
Wendy Batts Wendy Batts
Gradually increasing your activity daily, weekly and monthly can help you to increase your endurance...
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