Will boot camp style classes help improve my cardiorespiratory endurance?

Yes boot camp classes can definately help you improve cardiorespirtory endurance.  Boot camp classes are really made for this.  Boot camp programs were designed to help improve endurance, strength and weight loss at a high intensity.  You will see in boot camp classes their will be a lot of interval training, speed training and endurance work in that hour you are training. So if your body is ready for it boot camp would be a great change of pace for you in your routine.
Boot camp classes are a great cardiovascular workout.  Most boot camps are run in a circuit training style which increases cardiovascular demand.  A good thing about a lot of boot camp classes is that they are "go at your own pace" allowing you to increase your intensity at your own pace.  While the person next to you may be an elite athlete, you can get a great workout at your own pace.  It is important to keep moving during boot camp classes to receive the cardiovascular benefits.  If you decide to take longer breaks than the trainers allow, you will not be getting the same cardiovascular benefits. 

Assuming that your boot camp style classes are organized in a fashion similar to circuit training, yes, these types of classes will help to improve your cardiovascular endurance to a certain extent. Circuit training is a style of resistance training where one set of each exercise is performed immediately after one another with minimal rest. This forces greater demand and stress to the cardiorespiratory system. Circuit training and boot camp style classes, however, will only provide the benefit of cardiorespirpatory endurance until the body has adapted to the demands placed on it. Once your body has become accustomed to this style of workout, your associated improvements will begin to taper off. In order to continue your progress in cardio performance, the incorporation of more intense cardiorespiratory exercise including interval training will be necessary.

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