Why is exercise important during pregnancy?

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A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise investigated the results of poor exercise during pregnancy. In this study, exercise level and glucose tolerance levels were monitored throughout pregnancy for 1,231 women. An abnormal glucose tolerance test can signify that you have pregnancy-related diabetes, also called gestational diabetes. In early pregnancy, gestational diabetes can affect development of the baby and also increases the risk for miscarriage. During later pregnancy, gestational diabetes can result in excessive growth in the baby that may complicate delivery. In this study, women in mid-pregnancy who had low levels of participation in exercise were twice as likely to develop abnormal glucose tolerance.

1) Exercise makes mommy healthier.

2) Exercise makes mommy stronger so delivery is easier on mom and baby.

3) Exercise will help mommy lose weight more quickly after birth and regain her pre-pregnancy shape.

4) Exercise, along with a healthy diet, increases blood flow so mommy should have better elasticity of her skin which means less stretch marks and varicose veins.

5) Finally, if mommy continues to exercise after birth, she will be better able to positively influence her child in the area of health and fitness.

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Midwifery Nursing

If the expectant mom has no medical restrictions staying active and participating in appropriate exercise during pregnancy will allow her to maintain a healthy cardiovascular status while maintaining her muscle tone and strength. Exercise during pregnancy promotes physical wellbeing while helping the mother to be with her weight gain. Exercising during pregnancy can make for an easier labor and a quicker recovery.

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