What exercises can help prepare me for a side-lying delivery?

Following are the exercises that can help you prepare for side-lying delivery:
  1. Lie on your left side with your head resting on your left arm. Bend both legs about 90 degrees at the hip and knee, so that your knees are straight out in front of your hips. With your right hand resting on your right thigh, lift your right leg up, still bent, slightly higher than your shoulder and extend it straight out so it is in line with your body, not out in front of you. Repeat 20x. Do the first part of the exercise again, only this time, grab the back of your thigh with your right hand, and use the strength of your arm to help lift your leg. Repeat 20x. Breathe normally throughout the exercise.
  2. Continue lying on your left side with your legs and hips now bent at a 45-degree angle. Place your right hand behind your head and simultaneously lift your right leg and elbow up several inches, so you are doing a side crunch. Focus on gently pulling your lower abdomen in. Do 20x.Continue regular breathing.
Repeat these exercises lying on your right side.
This exercise prepares you for the side-lying labor and delivery position, which will usually be on your left side. If you've had an epidural, you may need to use your arm to help support the lifted leg, which is why I have included the second exercise.

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