What daily exercise can help me get in touch with my energetic flow?

 If you want to learn more about energy channels, chakra’s and energy flow, there are a wealth of books on alternative healing and energy pathways out there. A good resource would also be to contact an alternative healing practioner.

Riding a dual action stationary exercise bike is a great simple daily exercise that will really touch your energetic flow, You can receive more overall benefits from the dual action, (with arm handles that move along with the pedals and fans used for resistance and cooling), which involve the upper body, adding increased cardio and endurance conditioning during the workout.

Lisa Oz
Health Education

When you first wake up, right before you get out of bed, take your hands and place them in a prayer position about 6 inches away from your heart. Rub them together briskly for a few seconds just to get the blood flowing and then separate them by about an inch. Close your eyes and see if you can sense an energy field between the hands. Now, place them over your face without actually touching it. Again, see if you can feel anything. Finally, place one hand on top of the other and hold them just over your heart, still about an inch away. Envision the love and gratitude you have for your physical being manifested as pure energy radiating from your hands and pouring into your chest. See the energy as a golden light that spreads to include your whole body. Drop your hands, open your eyes, and take that loving energy out into the world as you begin your day.

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