What are some healthy summer activities?

Take some time to enjoy the warm summer weather with outdoor activities that can benefit your health:
  • Visit a local farmers' market and purchase some of the end of summer produce -- good options include melons, squash, peppers, tomatoes and beans.
  • If the weather is nice, dine al fresco at a local restaurant and enjoy the warmth and relaxation that come with eating outside.
  • Go on a camping or hiking trip. Even if a full weekend trip isn't possible, you can still take some time for other outdoor activities. And be sure you bring your kids along to teach them all about the great outdoors.
  • Use the longer weekend as a time to develop a physical activity plan for fall and winter seasons, when motivation to exercise can be more difficult to find.
Some fun and healthy summert activities include swimming at local ppols, lakes and the ocean, goign for hikes in the local hills, and participating in recreational leagues for sports like softball, ultimate frisbee or soccer leagues. Just stay well hydrated, avoid mid day summer heat, and wear clothing and sunscreen that protects you from the sun.
Anything that gets you moving is a healthy activity. What you have to keep in mind during the summer is what the temperature is like outside in your areas. Some great choices include swimming, hiking, biking, etc. Try to incorporate the whole family for bonding and creating lifelong healthy habits that will go from generation to generation.

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