How can I use a kitchen chair to work out?

Push-ups and step ups are great exercises that you can do with your kitchen chair. Watch this video to see Mel Mueller demonstrate exercises that you can do with your kitchen chair.

A kitchen chair has endless possibilities; try using some of the exercises below; be sure the chair is sturdy and able to hold your body weight. Also, be sure that the chair will be up against a wall for some exercises: 

  • Chair Squat – Stand in front of your chair with your heels towards the chair. Next, bend at your hips and knees as if you were to sit in the chair. The only difference be sure to keep your back flat and do not let it round forward. Continue to lower yourself until your glutes tap the chair. Once this occurs, press upward through your heels and return to start.
  • Chair Push-up – Place your chair against the wall to make sure it will stay in place. Next, place your hand on the cushion part of the chair or the back rest; this will depend on your current fitness level. Slowly lower your mid-chest to the chair and be sure to keep your hips lined up with your body. Next, exhale and return to the start.
  • Chair Step-up – This exercise will be quite challenging! Place on foot on your chair; lift your body off the ground and step-up onto the chair. Slowly return to start. Complete 8-12 per leg.

These are only some of many. I would be glad to offer more, just let me know!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
You can get a great workout right in your own home, using a kitchen chair!

Watch as fitness trainer MJ Shaw and Dr. Oz demonstrate how you can use a kitchen chair to work out, in this video.

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