How can I increase the amount of exercise I do?

Continuing the same old monotonous exercise program will become boring and overtime, the physiological response will begin to slow or cease. Progressing exercise is prudent to continue experiencing the benefits of exercise. When the current exercise regimen has become simple, it is time to progress.  To progress, make small steps, such as increasing the number of repetitions, decreasing rest, or changing the tempo of the exercise performed. Once you have done this, and your muscles could  handle this change, increase the intensity of the exercise by adding weight or explosion to the exercise. You can also make exercises more difficult by performing them in a more unstable environment. For example, instead of performing the squat, perform a single leg squat.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has developed a systematic model of progression called the OPT model. This model gives you clear guidelines on how to progress, when to progress and what you should expect when progressing.  

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