How can I help my family become more active?

Fitness as a family has many benefits.  By showing your family that you are living a healthy lifestyle it will be seen and incorporated into theirs.  However, don't only set an example, find activities that everyone likes.  If only a couple people are joining, then a bike ride, walk, frisbee or just some time at the park work well.  If the weather is not so great you can go indoors and swim, play racquetball, volleyball, basketball, rock wall climbing or trampoline park.  When you have more people, bigger games are fun like kickball or soccer.  You can just use your own rules if you like!

The best way to keep family active is to make it fun. Good times with good people.  The options are endless and span from free to expensive, home or travel, all depending on what you are up for.  Learn something new.  Start up something you haven't done in a long time.  Never be afraid to start new habits and some great family time.
Mr. Donovan Green
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Getting your family to become more active can be challenging. In this video, I will offer creative ways to inspire your family to be healthier.
Dania J. Lindenberg, MD
With childhood and adult obesity rates on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make physical activity a priority for the entire family. Any type of physical activity is beneficial. Starting slow and setting up realistic expectations will help a higher activity level become part of your daily routine.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate more exercise into your family’s everyday life:
  • Start by setting a great example. Children who see their parents working out and enjoying exercise will want to join in.
  • Find new ways for the whole family to be active together, even if it's just heading outside to play with the dog or clean up the garden.
  • Set new routines. Try taking a family walk after dinner, or go to the park and swing on the playground. Challenge each other to a chin-up contest.
  • Get a family gym membership, and sign up for group classes or activities.
  • Limit TV and computer time for the whole family.
  • Keep trying different organized sports or active hobbies until you find one that really engages and energizes your child. Consider non-competitive activities like swimming, horseback riding or hip-hop dancing.

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