If I am working out regularly why do I not see results?

You have probably hit a plateau. Plateaus are very common, but they can be avoided. Your body is a very complex and adaptive machine. It will work very hard once a new stress or stimulus is placed on it (this stress will be in the form of exercise). If the exercise is never changed, then your body will adapt to the demands and your results will level off. The key to avoiding a plateau is through periodization. Periodization occurs when you set up an exercise program which has small phases or stages which progress overtime. Another factor which may need to be considered is that once you lose weight, your metabolic rate will also decrease (there is less body to maintain) and you may need to readjust your caloric intake. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in. If you are burning fewer calories during your body's resting state, then you will need to consumer fewer calories to continue to lose weight.

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Why Do I Weigh More After Vigorous Exercise?
Why Do I Weigh More After Vigorous Exercise?

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