What health tests do I need to be in a rested state for?

"Some tests are more accurate when you are completely at rest. These should either be performed first think in the morning, before getting out of bed, or after sitting quietly for at least 5-10 minutes. A few examples include resting heart rate, blood pressure, and resting energy expenditure. o Resting heart rate measures how efficiently your heart works in a rested state. Certainly as you become more active throughout the day and during exercise, your heart rate raises. We expect heart rate to be higher with activity, but want to make sure that the heart rate is nice and low when activity is minimal. o Blood pressure measures how forceful the heart beats to deliver blood throughout the body, and can also indicate whether or not the arteries have narrowed, requiring more pressure for the blood to transfer. Just like heart rate, blood pressure will increase with increased levels of activity. It is good to get a resting measurement to make sure that the blood pressure is at a healthy value when activity is minimal. o Resting energy expenditure is a measure of your metabolism (amount of calories you burn) at rest. Performing even mild activity will start to elevate heart rate, blood pressure, and additional bodily processes needed to produce, convert, and use energy. To get a true reading of resting metabolism, it is best to be in a completely rested state. "

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