What are the checkpoints for good posture while standing?

There are five checkpoints you want to become aware of in order to maintain good posture during standing movements:
  • Foot and ankle: feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart with the toes pointing forward.
  • Knees: should always be kept soft rather than fully extended, and remain in line with the toes.
  • Pelvis: the pelvis should be level and in a neutral position. Watch for excessive lumbar extension (lordosis) or lumbar flexion (flat back).
  • Shoulders: should be level, not lifted or rounded forward.
  • Head: should be in a neutral position, not tilted to one side or protruding forward.
When standing, your feet should be hip to shoulder distance apart and facing forward. Knees should be forward and relaxed, and low back arch should be minimal. The spine should be tall and shoulders pulled back and relaxed. The head should be neutral with your ears in line with your shoulders.

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