What can I do to get rid of my low back arch?

Joan Pagano
You first need to define your personal "neutral spine alignment." The position of the pelvis determines the degree of curve in the low back.  Neutral lumbar spine alignment is midway between a full arch and a flat-back position. You should have a slight curve in the low-back area, just enough to slip your hand in if you are lying on your back or standing straight with your back against the wall. To explore your individual range of motion, do a strong pelvic tilt, flattening the curve in the low back, then release halfway, allowing the natural curve. If you have a pronounced arch, or sway back, stretch the hip flexors in the front of the hip. Tight hip flexors pull the pelvis forward.
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Having an excessive arch in your low back is most likely caused by having tight hip flexors and erector spinae (muscles that run up and down your spine) muscles. This would also mean that your glutes, hamstrings, and internal core muscles are weak. Start by stretching your hip flexors and lower back, then perform exercises that engage your glutes and hamstrings, such as squats and hip bridges.

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