What's a simple upper body stamina test?

A simple upper body stamina test is the pushup test. Perform as many pushups as you can with proper form in 1 minute. Have a partner time you and don’t count pushups performed without proper form. If you come to your knees the test is over.

Upper body stamina, or endurance, is generally measured by performing the one minute push up test.

The push up test is performed for a duration of 60 seconds, or until failure without any break in proper form. Begin in a push up position with the body forming a straight line from head to ankles. Have a partner place their closed fist on the floor underneath the chest of the person performing the push ups. Keeping the body straight, lower down until the chest makes contact with the fist, then return to the start position. Only the push ups where the chest makes contact with the partners fist are counted and recorded.

*Women perform this same upper body endurance test, but perform push-ups on the knees.

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