How is the vertical jump test performed?

Stand with your side against the wall/flat surface and reach straight up as high as possible. Have someone mark this spot (at the tip of your fingers) on the wall with tape or chalk.

Next, place some chalk or tape on your fingers as close to the tips as possible.

Stand next to the wall the same way you did in step 1 and jump as high as you can. When you feel that you're at your peak, slap your chalk or tape-covered fingers against the wall to leave a mark.

Measure the distance from the point that you made in step 1 to the point you made in step 3. 
Start by standing with one side against a wall and reach your hand up as high as you can (while keeping your shoulders level). Have someone measure this height. Then, perform an easy warm up and a few light practice jumps. Once you are ready, put some chalk on your fingers and stand next to the wall and jump, reach, and tap the wall as high as you can. Rest and repeat. After several attempts, record the highest reach and subtract your standing reach. This is your vertical jump height.   

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