How soon after starting to exercise will I see positive changes?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
When you first start exercising, your body will respond with very outward signs—you sweat, you may feel sore, you may stink like month-old macaroni salad. Your body will also start responding on the inside—with changes in muscle size, changes in blood flow, and changes in blood chemistry. While exercise—even combined with a healthy diet—won't suck fat out of you instantaneously, you will see and feel changes in your body shape even within a week. And with a combined exercise and eating plan, you may see a reduction in waist size of 2 inches within the first two weeks as your body composition changes. So get up, and get moving.
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Positive changes can usually be seen within a few weeks of starting exercise. The first noticeable change won’t be in appearance though! It will be in strength, because your nervous system will first adapt and start laying better, more efficient connections linking your nerves and muscles together. As this happens, you’ll notice that the exercises you really struggled with on day 1 don’t seem quite as challenging anymore!

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