How does the RPE help determine the intensity of exercise?

The Borg RPE scale provides a subjective measure of intensity. An easy way to estimate if the activity is moderate or vigorous in intensity is to rate the effort using  this scale’s range from 6 (easy) to 20 (difficult). Moderate intensity activities are rated as a 10 to 16, and vigorous intensity activities are rated 17 to 18. If you add a zero to the end of each number, it will give you a very rough estimate of the client’s heart rate.

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Exercising can be fun and also very dangerous. Many people use gadgets such as heart rate monitors which are great to have, but not always accurate. RPE (rated preceived exertion) is the best way to judge how you truly feel during exercise. Its based on a scale of 0- 10. 0 is nothing and 10 is when your heart feel like it's about to bust out of your chest. If you cannot hold a steady conversation while training then you are training way too hard and should cut down your intensity. However, if you feel like you are talking way too easily, do the total opposite and step your game up. Nothing beats how YOU feel.

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