How often should I have my body composition measured?

If you are participating in a diet and/or exercise program it is recommended to have your body composition assessed every month. Lean mass is affected by both exercise and weight loss programs. As lean mass changes, so will your recommended body weight. Like any fitness assessment, having your body composition assessed each month provides a good guide of where you are at in regards to your goals. It can also  be a good indicator of how effective your diet and/or exercise program is.

In order to make accurate comparisons, it is important to use the same body composition assessment procedure.
If you are on a training program to lose or gain weight, it would be good to have your body composition tested every 1-3 months.  Although many individuals do not want to know what their number is before losing weight, it is an excellent marker to evaluate progress.  Not only will frequent measurements keep track of your progress, but they will also help to confirm that you are decreasing fat mass and increasing fat free mass.  This will lead to a decrease in health risks.

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