How can I assess my strength?

First of all it is very important that when you are assessing strength you have someone with you. If you are doing any type of heavy lift or any type of lifting, you want to have a spotter, so safety first. As far as it relates to basketball, one of the more common upper body strength tests is the bench press, which we usually use 185 pounds and see how many times it can be performed. Prior to doing the test, you want to warm up which may include 10 repetitions of really light weight on the bench or maybe some push-ups. Rest for a minute and then bench 135 pounds five times followed by resting for a 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Put on the 185 pounds and see how many reps you can do. Obviously you do not want to burn yourself out on the initial warm up but it is important that you warm up! You cannot go straight into a bench press and try to get a bunch of reps without being properly warm. For lower body strength assessment, the squat can be done. Again, you want to warm up! Eight to ten reps of really light weight followed by a minute of rest, then adding about 30 pounds and doing three to five reps. Rest for a couple minutes and repeat that until you fatigue and can no longer do three to five reps. At that point, rest for a couple minutes and then put on more weight and do one repetition max which will show your strength for your squat. A more simple routine if you do not have the bench and squat around are pull-ups and push-ups. See how many you can perform in a minute or until fatigue.

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