What are the side effects of Alora?

Alora has been shown to have significant side effects. A study testing drugs such as Alora (conjugated estrogens known as CEs) was halted due to the increased number of invasive breast cancers and deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD) found among the study participants. Additionally, conjugated estrogens, such as Alora, may increase the risk of dementia in older patients. Other adverse side effects associated with drugs, such as Alora, include: pulmonary embolism, stroke, uterine cancer, vaginal bleeding, deep vein thrombosis and an allergic reaction. Some of the more common side effects include: headaches, breast tenderness, anxiety, back and neck pain, constipation, depression, flu-like symptoms, indigestion, nausea, skin redness or irritation near the patch site, weight gain, sinus issues, insomnia and upper respiratory tract infection.

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