What are some prescription vaginal estrogen products?

There are 3 types of prescription vaginal estrogen products.
  • Estrogen cream (Estrace and Premarin) has the advantage of giving both internal and external help, but tends to be on the messy side. The reusable applicator, while environmentally friendly, has to be washed, put away (where the kids won’t find it) and reused.
  •  Vagifem is a pre-loaded estradiol tablet that avoids the messy factor, but has the disadvantage of only treating the vaginal walls.
  • The final vaginal estrogen product is Estring, a silastic vaginal ring that you insert in the vagina and replace every 3 months.
For many women the best way to go is with a combination approach. Use the ring or the tablet to get rid of the sandpaper sex feeling, and apply cream on the outside a couple of times a week. All vaginal estrogen products restore vaginal blood flow, decrease vaginal pH (making you less susceptible to infections), and improve the thickness, elasticity and lubrication of your tissue.

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