How does Premarin treat vaginal dryness and itching?

Premarin treats vaginal dryness and itching by replacing estrogen, which the body starts to make less of during menopause. Estrogen has a huge effect on the lining of the vagina. During menopause the tissue of the vagina can become pale, dry and thin (atrophy) -- and this is what causes the itching and tenderness many women experience. Vaginal atrophy can cause the fluid to become acidic, increasing the risk for bacterial infections like yeast and vaginitis. It can also make sexual intercourse painful. Premarin is a type of hormone therapy that is given in a pill and cream form that can make these symptoms less severe. We prefer that a woman use the Premarin cream over the oral form of Premarin if vaginal symptoms are the only menopausal symptom she has.

Estrogen is a hormone that naturally occurs in women’s bodies. Menopause occurs when a woman’s body stops making estrogen, causing symptoms such as vaginal dryness and itching. Premarin helps replace that lost estrogen, thus reducing discomfort.

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