Is Premarin safe for long-term use?

Deciding how long to take Premarin is a tough decision because there are some women who may go through menopause very early and could benefit from taking it long term. But for women who go through menopause at a normal age, the decision to use hormone replacement therapy long term is more complicated.

The problem is knowing how long is too long. The current thinking for treatment of menopausal symptoms is to try non-hormonal strategies first to avoid the potential risks associated with hormone replacement therapy, such as blood clots to the brain, heart and legs, as well as breast cancer and dementia in certain high-risk women. And if you can't manage symptoms with non-hormonal strategies, then your doctor might use the hormone replacement therapy, but only for a few years when symptoms are likely to lessen anyway. The most common length of time is around three years but no longer than 10.

The best advice I can give is if you are having disabling symptoms and nothing else is working you should discuss a plan that will work for you with your doctor. What’s right for women in early menopause is not right for women in their 60s. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Premarin should be used for only as long as needed. The long-term use of estrogen hormones has been linked with increased risk of some cancers. Premarin also increases the risk of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. You should keep seeing your doctor regularly to monitor your symptoms and to discuss how long to take Premarin.

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