Can lower estrogen affect emotional well being?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
As women enter menopause, many notice that they become more prone to mood swings, irritability and depression. And even if they don't notice, these not-so-subtle changes in personality are rarely lost on a woman's friends and family members.

Changes in emotional well-being that can accompany menopause may be directly related to the drop in estrogen levels that a woman experiences. However, mood swings, crankiness, and a major case of the blues can be natural responses to the other changes a woman is coping with during menopause. She may be sleep deprived due to night sweats, for instance, or feel depressed because she has gained weight. Taking steps recommended by your doctor to manage menopause symptoms can help make you less of an emotional tinderbox.
As a woman approaches menopause, lower estrogen levels can affect her emotional well-being. Mood swings, depression and anxiety are sometimes issues for women approaching menopause. In addition, menopause-related symptoms, such as night sweats and trouble sleeping, may cause daytime tiredness and irritability. 

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