Erectile Dysfunction

Why did my doctor ask me if I woke up with an erection in the morning?

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    Your doctor asked you whether you woke up with an erection because that's a great clue to the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Physical health conditions, including heart problems and diabetes, are a common cause of ED. If your ED has a physical health cause you may not have erections during the night when you are sleeping. If you wake up with an erection, on the other hand, your ED may be more related to stress, anxiety, depression, problems in your relationship, or other causes. Knowing what is causing your ED is the first step to treating it.
  • Your doctor will ask if you wake up in the morning with an erection to determine whether your problem getting or maintaining an erection is caused by a physical or psychological condition.

    Men typically have three to five erections while sleeping. If you don’t, the doctor will look for a health condition or medication that decreases blood flow to the penis or interferes with nerve signals that enable arousal and erection.

    If you  experience erections in your sleep or upon awakening, erectile dysfunction (ED) may be caused by stress or depression. Whatever the cause of your ED, your doctor can recommend treatment that will help.
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