When should I call my doctor if I have erection problems?

When a car doesn’t perform as it once did it may be because of faulty wiring, the wrong fuels or additives or clogged fuel lines. A thorough inspection by a skilled mechanic often uncovers the underlying problem.

When a man’s sexual performance falters, a thorough inspection by a doctor may also uncover serious explanations.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in up to 40% of men who are 40 years old. That number goes up as you age. A doctor can look for the most common cause of ED, which is blood vessel disease. This is often the result of smoking, high blood pressure or diabetes. Sometimes, low testosterone is a reason. It is important to get a thorough exam by a doctor before taking a pill like Viagra for erectile dysfunction.

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Dr. Frank A. Spinelli, MD
Internal Medicine
Erectile dysfunction is common as men age, so there are questions a man should ask himself before calling his doctor. In this video, men's health and HIV/AIDS specialist Frank Spinelli, MD, explains what men should know about erection issues.
Erectile dysfunction may indicate a medical issue, so a man should get a full work-up from his doctor if he has erection problems. Watch me discuss why it's important to contact your doctor about erectile dysfunction symptoms.

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