What is a penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

An inflatable penile prosthesis is a permanent solution for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). It is for men who don’t find pleasure in a pill, pump or shot. The penile prosthesis is an “internal pump” that has been available since the 1970s. It has a 98% satisfaction rate.

A penile prosthesis offers the most spontaneity and the best erectile quality. The device requires surgery to be implanted. Many advancements have made this surgery more appealing. Some are:
  • Reduced infection techniques
  • Less invasive surgery procedures
  • New devices that enhance penis girth and length
The outpatient surgery takes less than an hour. You may be given local anesthesia (numbing medicine). The surgeon makes a tiny one-and-a-half inch incision to implant the prosthesis.

The device is completely hidden and easy to operate. It gives satisfying engorgement. Partner satisfaction is exceptionally high.

Medicare and some commercial health insurance providers cover the costs. I do lots of surgery for a lot of urological conditions. This is the procedure I get thanked for on a regular basis.

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Invasive forms of treatment for erectile problems include the surgical implantation of a penile prosthesis. A penile prosthesis is a mechanical device designed to give a man with erectile dysfunction (ED) the option of having an erection. However, there can be significant side effects and complications with implant surgery. Because many other alternatives for erectile dysfunction have become widely available, this option is utilized only as a "last resort" for men in which less invasive procedures have failed.

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