How does psychological therapy treat erectile dysfunction?

Sometimes, psychological therapy or counseling may be used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is especially the case if there are no underlying physical issues that could be causing ED. Because sexual feelings originate in your brain, psychological problems like stress, anxiety, and depression may cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Problems in your relationship can also cause erectile dysfunction. In those cases, talking to a counselor or therapist can help you manage these psychological problems. Even if the cause is physical, counseling may help prevent issues like performance anxiety or relationship issues from developing and worsening the problem. Psychological therapy may take a while to work, so it's important that you - and your partner, if necessary - stick with it in order to see results.

Ed Ratush
Ed Ratush on behalf of Good In Bed
Our belief system about the world and ourselves in it sets the stage for all dysfunction's and treatments. Therapy can help people identify the thoughts and feelings and beliefs structure associated with ED and therefore work to correct errors in thinking, mend emotional trauma, alleviate impeding anxiety, and offer behavioral strategies to turn dysfunction into function. Consider this: Over 50% of men who successfully achieved erections with viagra stopped taking it despite its success due to a sense that something else was missing or not right about how the feel. 

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