Is erectile dysfunction (ED) treatable?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is treatable for most men. The first step is to visit your doctor, because several health conditions--and the medications that treat them--can cause ED. For example, cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease causes arteries to narrow, which decreases blood flow to the penis and can cause trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other diseases that affect the nervous system can interrupt the signals from the brain to interfere with arousal and sexual function. And diabetes can cause damage to both nerves and blood vessels that can lead to ED.
Smoking, excessive drinking, overweight or obesity, and lack of exercise also raise your risk of developing health conditions that cause ED. In addition, men who are depressed frequently experience ED. Your doctor can evaluate what is causing your ED and recommend appropriate changes to your lifestyle and other treatment.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is treatable at all ages. It is not a single condition, so effective treatment options vary according to what is causing a specific case. But there are many options. In some cases, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight, getting more exercise, getting more sleep, and dealing with stress can be effective. If you have a condition like high blood pressure, bringing it under control may alleviate the ED. In other cases, therapy works. In others, ED medications work well. Depending on the specific cause of an ED case, medical devices and surgery may be the treatment of choice. There are many options.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very treatable condition. In recent years, there have been several oral medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of ED. These medications are available by prescription, generally safe and usually very effective. This is the most common way to treat ED. In the rare cases that oral medications don't help, there are stronger medications, usually given by injection, that are also effective. If you believe you suffer from ED, please ask your family doctor for help.

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