How is epilepsy controlled?

There are different medicines that can help to prevent a person from having so many seizures. These medicines are called anti epileptic drugs or AEDs that come in a liquid or a pill that is swallowed. Just like all medicines, antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have side effects, like headache, sleepiness or rash. After taking antiepileptic drugs for a while, any side effects usually disappear completely.

There are over 20 different types of antiepileptic drugs so a doctor will help choose the best one. The choice will depend on age, the type of seizure, the epilepsy syndrome, and the likely side effects that the drug might cause. If the first antiepileptic drug doesn’t work, a doctor will suggest a different one. People should know that it might take a few goes until they find the best antiepileptic drug.

Antiepileptic drugs work best if taken exactly as their doctor tells them to, at the same times every day. If the antiepileptic drugs don’t stop the seizures, there are other things that can be done to help keep seizures under control from special diets to devices, and even removing the area of the brain causing the seizures.

Epilepsy is controlled with anticonvulsant medications. The exact drug depends on the symptoms of the seizure, as well as how the person responds to the medication. The goal of treatment is to be seizure free without adverse effects from the medication. Different types of anticonvulsants work very differently in the body, and are categorized by their mechanism of action.

The seizures that occur with epilepsy usually can be controlled with medication. Still, some people with epilepsy who take seizure medication occasionally have seizures. Others who go a long time without a seizure may think that the condition has gone away and stop taking their medication, thus putting themselves at risk for another seizure.

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