How can we encourage more talks about epilepsy?

If a student or worker has epilepsy, one could bring in his/her neurologist for a brief educational session at school or at work on what epilepsy means for the individual who lives with it daily and those who might be around the individual when he/she has a seizure. There are many myths about epilepsy sometime propagated by old movies or by word of mouth that need debunking therefore talking more publically about epilepsy is very important. There is no greater impetus for this than a personal connection with an individual with epilepsy. If you are an employer, manager or teacher with an employee or student with epilepsy, see if they would be okay with an educational session about epilepsy to share with co-workers or their fellow students.
If you or your child were diagnosed with epilepsy, you may find some help by joining local support groups. You can become more active in managing your daily life with epilepsy, connect with others who are living with epilepsy and be inspired by the stories from of those, who have made positive changes in their lives. In a support group, you may gain knowledge that could help you control your seizures, buy your seizure medicine cheaper, find a job, get more help for your child in school.

A good place to start looking is your local Epilepsy Foundation affiliate. Support groups also may be organized by hospitals or epilepsy centers. Your neurologist may have information. Sometimes groups are listed in the newspaper too.

Here are a few useful websites to visit:, and

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