What should I know about pancrelipase before taking it?

You should know that pancrelipase capsules should be swallowed whole without chewing or crushing. Irritation of the mouth can occur if capsule is chewed, crushed or left in the mouth too long. Take it with a full glass of water immediately before a meal. If you find it impossible to swallow these capsules whole, you can carefully open the capsule and mix the microspheres into soft food such as applesauce. Make sure to eat this mixture immediately, as delaying will compromise the integrity of the enteric coating and weaken the function of the enzymes. Drink additional liquids after swallowing the capsule to ensure that all medicine gets to the stomach quickly. Avoid liquids with a pH greater than 5.5, such as milk. Store pancrelipase capsules at a controlled room temperature and never store it in the refrigerator. Keep the cover tightly closed. Avoid exposing this medication to moisture or humidity. If you miss a dose of pancrelipase capsules, skip the forgotten dose and take your next dose when scheduled. Never take twice the medication to make up for a missed dose. Always take pancrelipase capsules with a snack or meal and never on an empty stomach.

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