Can environmental allergies cause sinus and throat infections?

Environmental allergies such as allergies to pollen and grasses will cause an allergic reaction that includes inflammation of the throat and sinuses. While allergies do not directly cause infections, the inflammation from allergies can decrease the body's ability to properly drain the sinuses, which may progress into an infection if not treated.
Common allergy symptoms include sniffing, sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, coughing, fatigue, sleep disturbances, itchy ears and more. It is important to treat your allergy symptoms to prevent worsening sinus infections from developing.

When people come to see me with recurrent sinus infections, I often consider under-treated allergies as the culprit. The congestion from allergies becomes a fertile ground upon which viruses and bacteria can multiply. If we eliminate the foundation, often the infections will have no place to “set up camp."

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