What are the benefits of receiving Reiki?

Pamela Miles
Integrative Medicine

One reason to choose Reiki is because it is not an intervention. Reiki is a self-care practice with therapeutic benefits, similar to meditation, yoga or tai chi -- but much easier. Whereas interventions go after the disease or symptom directly, Reiki practice balances the person overall, optimizing the body's ability to self-heal.

The speed with which people respond to Reiki practice is a huge advantage. Even in critical situations, people usually move toward a calmer, more relaxed state within moments. This is of course a relief to the patient. It also helps doctors better assess the patient's needs. 

Since Reiki doesn't address disease or symptoms directly, no diagnosis is needed. And Reiki practice doesn’t just help people with health challenges recover their well-being; Reiki also helps people who are already healthy to stay that way.

Reiki has a unique position among health-promoting practices in that it can be easily learned and practiced on oneself and on family, friends and pets. First degree practice is so easily learned that even children and people who are very ill can practice self-treatment effectively. You can also receive treatment from a Reiki professional.

Since Reiki is balancing to the individual, the experience varies somewhat, but a treatment usually feels like an applied meditation. In a professional session, you lie down or sit comfortably and fully clothed while a Reiki practitioner places hands lightly and non-invasively on your head and torso. Reiki practice elicits a self-healing response from deep within your own system.

An important advantage of Reiki practice is that there are no medical contraindications, no time when Reiki practice is deemed dangerous, as long as people are also getting appropriate medical care.

Reiki practice can help you recognize if you need medical help. When we don’t feel well, our judgment is impaired, so sometimes we cope with problems on our own when we really need help from our healthcare professional. The clarity that Reiki treatment brings helps you know what else you need – a good night’s sleep or a visit to the doctor – and to feel good enough to make it happen. And by the way, improved sleep is one of Reiki’s most commonly reported benefits.

Interventions may still be needed, but Reiki practice is always a good place to start, and a safe one. And if you learn to practice Reiki, your next treatment is literally in your own hands.

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Reiki is a very specific form of massage therapy in which light touch is seeking access to your Universal Life Energy. It's designed to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

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