When should I eat to boost my energy level?

Eating breakfast, especially protein (such as eggs and ham) is a great way to start the day. Eating lunch and a small dinner, ideally three hours before bedtime, are all basic meals to help your energy level. You can fit in healthy snacks (such as nuts, fruits and vegetables) once or twice between the main meals, depending on your exertion level throughout the day. Avoid empty calories such as carbs or sugars, which can be found in foods such as doughnuts and high-sugar cereals. These do not boost your energy level.
Timing of our meals can help boost our energy throughout the day. About 3 to 4 hours after a meal or snack our blood sugar levels will begin to decline. Failing blood sugars make us feel tired, lose our concentration, feel hungry and become very irritable. Eating a well-balanced breakfast in that first hour we are up every morning and then including a meal or snack every few hours thereafter will provide a continuous flow of nutrients into our cells for energy.

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