How do I defuse an energy?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Bringing consciousness to any energy defuses it. This follows naturally from the statement that the intensity of shadow energies is a way of getting noticed. If an energy demands your attention, then paying attention will begin to satisfy it. An overlooked child isn't placated by one glance. It takes time to change any behavior for good or ill and, like children, our shadow energies get stuck in patterns and habits. But this doesn't alter the general truth that if you bring light into the shadow, its distortions start to lessen and eventually are healed. Is there time enough and patience to do the whole job thoroughly? There's no fixed answer to that.

Depression, for example, is a complex response that can be healed by insight, compassion, patience, caring attention from others, willingness, and professional therapy. Or you can take a pill and not bother. The choice is personal and varies from person to person. Conditions as apparently hopeless as childhood autism have been cured by parents who spent enormous amounts of time and attention to bring a child back from darkness. The darkness was a distortion in consciousness that needed light to be cured. The shadow in all its forms requires consciousness in the form of light and love, and the only limit to healing is how much of ourselves we are willing to give to the project.

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