How can I boost my energy without coffee?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
The reality is that as long as you’re not experiencing any side effects from the caffeine (and you’re not adding a cookie-jar’s worth of sugar to it), there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your daily coffee. But there are all kinds of ways you can increase your energy -- and thereby improve your mood, up your productivity, better your health and boost your happiness.

Here are a few energy-boosters:

To Drink: Green tea. Along with tasting good, green tea also has lots of disease-fighting antioxidants that provide tons of health benefits. If you need a little sweetness added, try natural ingredients like agave nectar or stevia.

To Eat: Nuts. The protein and healthy fat of nuts help keep you satiated and provide you with lots of energy through the day. Best of all, recent research suggests that humans don’t digest all the calories in nuts, so you actually get a bit of a caloric discount when you eat them.

To Do: Yoga. Any kind of exercise or movement will power you up. So why not a five-minute walk around the block or office halls whenever you’re feeling a slump? Try starting the day with a few yoga moves, like the classic sun salutation, to wake up your muscles and your mind.

To Schedule: Sleep. Sure, naps are great -- if you don’t have bosses, kids or other forces tugging you away from the bed, couch or recliner. But if a nap’s not possible (and even if it is), you should aggressively make the time to sleep for at least seven and a half to eight hours a night. The key to doing that is to make sure you practice tip-top sleep hygiene: Keep cool temps in the bedroom; dim the lights a half-hour before bed and keep your computers, TVs and cell phones out of the bedroom.
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Kate Geagan
Nutrition & Dietetics

It's a cinch to achieve an energy surge without the help of caffeine. In this video, nutritionist Kate Geagan explains easy ways to boost energy.

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