How can I boost my energy in the morning?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Many people experience their lowest energy in the morning and have difficulty waking up. To help boost energy in the morning, you need to get the air from the bottom of your lungs moving. This unlocks energy that’s been trapped inside and allows your lungs to truly carry oxygen throughout the body. To breathe properly, your belly should expand and your ribcage should rise.

Try this belly-breathing exercise, which forces you to take slow deep breaths and retrains the diaphragm to move air into the lower lungs:
  • Buckle a tight belt just below your chest (for women that’s just below your breasts; for men just bellow the nipple area).
  • Place your right hand on your belly button and take a deep breath, pushing your belly out to the count of 4. When doing this properly, you will not feel the belt tightening.
  • Now relax and pull your belly button in, breathing out to a count of 4 seconds.
Practice taking 10 deep breaths every morning, and then repeat at night before bedtime.
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