How can I boost my energy-generation capability?

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By combining pranic breathing with two techniques called rhythm and retention you significantly boost your energy-generation capability. Rhythm is breathing to a certain count, such as breathing in for an eight-count and out for a four-count, or using a five-count for both the inbreath and the outbreath. Different rhythms are used by different mind and body practices. Yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, and martial arts all employ breathing rhythms, which help calm the body and clear the mind. A breathing rhythm shuts out external stimuli and controls the chatter, self-talk, and random thoughts that run through your mind and prevent true relaxation. Thus, a breathing rhythm performs the same function as chanting or repetition of a mantra does during meditation: It focuses the attention. (A mantra is a word or sound repeated aloud or silently over and over while you meditate. The most well-known is the sound OM.)

Some breathing rhythms, however, do more than act as a focal point or pacing mechanism; they actually increase the amount of prana you draw in. When you combine the right rhythm with another powerful pranic breathing practice, retention, you can increase your energy-producing capacity tenfold or more with diligent practice.

Retention is purposefully holding your breath for a moment during the breathing cycle; it’s the true secret to a massively energizing breath. Holding your breath after exhalation is empty retention and holding it after inhalation is full retention. Retention creates a pranic “bellows effect.” Just as bellows are used to produce concentrated bursts of air to stoke a flame in a fireplace, rhythm and retention use a similar pumping effect to concentrate and magnify prana’s natural cleansing and energizing effects within your body. Rhythm and retention also improve the distribution of prana, pushing it deeper and more forcefully throughout the body.

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