How is my body energy important for my overall wellness?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

There is a component in your overall wellness, one that your doctor probably will not check at your next scheduled physical: your energy. I am not talking about your pep or zip, but that underlying vital force that is the very essence of the universe. Now you are wondering. "What could energy possibly have to do with health?" Well, the short answer is, Everything! Life is defined by energy. It is the difference between a tree and a wooden chair - or a corpse and you or me. At the cellular level, what defines life is the energy gradient of the cell membrane; that is the charge inside the cell in relationship to the charge outside the cell.

I am sure you are familiar with Einstein is famous equation, E = mc2, stating that all matter is actually energy. Our cultural paradigm explaining the nature of the universe is no longer a purely mechanistic one. Modern physics has taken us beyond Newton's laws. Even high school students understand that what appears to be solid matter is mostly empty space.

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