How do I prepare for endoscopic sinus surgery?

Alen N. Cohen, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)
Not much pre-surgery preparation is needed for endoscopic sinus surgery. Watch sinus surgeon Alen Cohen, MD, FACS, of West Hills Hospital, describe how patients may need to do a daily nasal spray or take an antihistamine to prevent an infection.
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Before surgery, your doctor may prescribe some medications that help reduce inflammation. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully and take these medications at the appropriate times. Your surgeon will also require you to get medical clearance from your primary care physician before surgery. Make an appointment with your regular doctor, who will give you a note and possibly perform a brief examination as well. Your primary care doctor may want extra tests ordered, in addition to the basic lab tests and studies that your surgeon will order. This is all necessary to ensure that you are medically clear for a safe surgery.
For smokers, your doctor will require you to stop smoking three to four weeks before your surgery, and avoid smoking for at least an additional month following your surgery. Smoking can severely affect the outcome of sinus surgery, as it causes increased scar tissue and poor healing.
Avoid blood thinners and anticoagulation medication before and after the surgery.
Medicines you should have with you prior to your surgery include a nasal saline mist. The spray can be used every three to four hours after surgery to keep your nose moist and humidified.

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