What type of dentist performs dental root amputation?

An endodontist performs dental root amputation, also known as dental root resection. Endodontics is a dental specialty where the dentist treats the dental pulp, the inside of the tooth.
Jonathan H. Ross, DDS

It will depend on the situation and the level of skill of the dentist. Since a root amputation is sometimes indicated on a perio/endo lesion (severe bone loss around a root from the tip of the root to the gum line), the periodontist or endodontist may perform the root amputation. Endodontists often will perform a root amputation at the time of root canal treatment if it is necessary. Other times the periodontist may perform a vital root amputation (prior to the root canal treatment). The two dentists may coordinate treatment with the RCT being performed first, wait to see the extent of bone regeneration, then one or the other may perform the root amputation.

Two important things about root amputations: I do not advise on them unless it is to save an important tooth supporting a newer bridge; and the crown of the involved tooth must be properly contoured to avoid food entrapment which would lead to a cavity and the ultimate loss of the tooth. The patient must be advised to perform meticulous oral hygiene or the root amputation will fail. And the resultant bony defect where the root was removed may make future implant placement more difficult.

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